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A service from AMAG SERVICES AG 
(hereinafter: Valet Parking)

Conclusion of contract
The contract is concluded when the vehicle key is handed over to Valet Parking.
The contract ends when Valet Parking returns the vehicle key to the customer.
If a third party has made the booking, he is liable in addition to the actual customer as joint and several debtor for all the customer’s contractual obligations. The customer is exclusively entitled to make claims arising from the contractual relationship and such claims may be assigned to any third party only with the consent of Valet Parking.

Scope of services
Valet Parking provides the customer with a parking space in the area that it operates for the agreed rental duration, exclusively for the purposes of parking and against payment. There is no entitlement to a specific parking space. The customer warrants that the vehicle is his own property or that he is using it with the owner’s permission and that it is not leaking any fluids.

The opening hours are established by Valet Parking and announced by notice or any other appropriate means. The opening hours may be unilaterally altered by Valet Parking after prior notification. The customer does not have any claims against Valet Parking if he has not collected or dropped off his vehicle as per contract or if he fails to heed the opening hours.

Vehicles are parked at the customer’s risk. Vehicles may have to be moved up to 10 kilometres away.

Prices and payment terms
The prices stated when Valet Parking returns the vehicle are binding. Final prices are inclusive of VAT, airport charges and any handling charges. They may be changed by Valet Parking at any time without notice.

The parking charge must be paid when the vehicle is returned.

Valet Parking has as a result of its claims arising under the contractual relationship a right of retention and a legal lien over the customer’s items brought in, particularly the passenger vehicle. Valet Parking is in this respect entitled to refuse to surrender the vehicle if and insofar as the full invoice amount agreed and payable has not been paid.

Geneva + Zurich Airport - Prices with advance reservation: We will refund the advance payment free of charge if you inform us in due time.

Damages to the vehicle or unsatisfactory cleaning service must be reported immediately after the handover.

Valet Parking and its legal representatives and agents are liable only for damage arising from wrongful death, personal injury or health impairment and for other damages related to any wilful or grossly negligent breach of duties on the part of Valet Parking or any legal representative or agent.

With the exception of the aforesaid cases, Valet Parking is not liable for damage to or theft of vehicles parked in the parking area. Nor is Valet Parking liable for traffic accidents caused by customers in the parking area or for damage to or loss of luggage or other articles carried by the customer or third parties.

Only the customer’s vehicle key is handed over to Valet Parking, which is not liable for other keys or key fobs.

Valet Parking is not liable for the customer’s personal articles left in the vehicle.

The vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition as per the Swiss Road Traffic Law (SVG) and the tyre tread depth must meet legal requirements, failing which Valet Parking will refuse to accept the vehicle.

The customer is liable in accordance with the provisions of the law for all damage caused by him or his employees. This also applies to contaminations of the parking area for which he is responsible. If a vehicle fails to start due to a technical defect, it is for the customer to take appropriate measures (road assistance). If the vehicle still fails to start after such intervention, Valet Parking is not liable for the costs of any return journey or accommodation.

Data protection and links
You may be asked to provide personal details. Answers to such questions are supplied voluntarily. All personal data collected on the websites is stored and processed only and exclusively for your individual support, the transmission of product information or the submission of service offers. You may refrain from this at any time.

Valet Parking does not assume any liability for the content of websites to which there is a link.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
Legal relations between Valet Parking and the customer are exclusively subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich except in cases where the Swiss Jurisdiction Law imperatively prescribes another place of jurisdiction.
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